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Friday, October 23, 2015

31 Days of Horror: Day 23-- Gods of Lovecraft Christopher Golden and James A. Moore Interview

Welcome to The Gods of Lovecraft blog-a-thon within a blog-a-thon.  From the first post:
Over 9 of the next 10 days I will be featuring 10 of the 12 authors in this collection. Each has answered a series of questions from me about their God, why they picked it, what their favorite scary books are, and more.  It’s very similar to the posts I have been running by authors all month, just with a Lovercraftian spin. Expect each day’s post to bring you a handful of new authors and titles to add to your arsenal of books you can suggest to patrons. 
Next up, the dynamic duo of Christopher Golden and James A. Moore.

Please remember you can also enter for a chance to win one of two copies of The Gods of H.P. Lovecraft by emailing me at zombiegrl75 [at] gmail [dot] com by 10/29 at 11:59pm.


Who are you?
CG:  New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden. Novelist, comic book writer, editor, and screenwriter.  Among other things.

JM:  James A. Moore (But call me Jim). I write novels, short stories, novellas and occasionally comic scripts. I've done some editing with more on the way. 

Who is your favorite horror author [besides Lovecraft]?
CG: I’m a King loyalist. I always say his was the narrative voice of my youth, but he’s still my favorite. The list below him is long, of course, and it includes many writers who cross genres on a regular basis, the late Graham Joyce and my friend Tim Lebbon come immediately to mind.

JM: Robert E. Howard, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, Joe R. Lansdale, F.Paul Wilson. Oh, wait, you said choose one?

Why do you like to write horror?
CG: Many years ago in an interview in Fangoria, Robert R. McCammon talked about the fact that horror is the most versatile of genres. Within its parameters, you can write about love, hate, sex, vengeance, heartbreak, cowboys, demons, time travel… McCammon didn’t say that bit about cowboys and time travel. I’m elaborating. But you get the point. When I was young, my mother asked me why I didn’t write something “nice.” I said I’d written science fiction stories, western stories, fantasy stories, but somebody always died. Horror fiction gets in the blood. It’s how we face the shadows. Not that we’re less afraid than other people, but we know them more intimately because we’ve spent time exploring there. It eases the mind. 

JM: Why do people like roller coasters? I have an undying love of Halloween and things that go bump in the night. 

Which “God” did you focus on in the Anthology? What features of this god do
you find most interesting?
CG:  I collaborated with James A. Moore on a story about the Mi-Go.  My favorite Lovecraft stories always have people poking around where they don’t belong, often getting the attention of things whose attention they really do not want.  There’ s a certain desperation inherent in the mythos about the Mi-Go, an element of obsession in the humans who seek them or run across them.  Lovecraft was always great with that sort of thing.

JM: I also love them because, they're more driven than most of Lovecraft's critters. They have an actual agenda aside from sleeping for a few Aeons. But, as Chris said, they're a creature a person has a chance against, however slim.

Please share some of the authors you are reading and enjoying now.
CG:  I’m currently reading the brand new, yet to be published novel by Rio Youers, who I think is absolutely one of the most talented writers that most people have never read. Similarly, I recently read Bracken MacLeod’s upcoming horror thriller STRANDED, which is his first full-length novel and is terrific. And Paul Tremblay’s A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS is brilliant.

JM: I'm also a big fan of Tremblay's A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS, and I'm currently reading THE BIG BOOK OF GHOST STORIES edited by Otto Penzler, which has a wide array of chilling tales. Lately I'm on a ghost kick. 

What other works do you have out now?
CG:  My new horror novel, DEAD RINGERS, will be out in November.  Right before that, in October, my new anthology SEIZE THE NIGHT will be out. It’s the best anthology I’ve edited.  The list of contributors alone should convince horror readers to pick it up.

JM: My novel CITY OF WONDERS (book three in the SEVEN FORGES series) is out in November. I've got novellas coming out in the latest SNAFU anthology and BLURRING THE LINES another anthology that should be fun.

What are you working on currently?
CG:  A screenplay for an existing film franchise that I can’t mention, and a new horror thriller for St. Martin’s Press called ARARAT.

JM: The fourth and final novel in the SEVEN FORGES series, THE SILENT ARMY, and a mosaic novel called INDIGO. 

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