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Sunday, October 18, 2015

31 Days of Horror: Day 18-- Crowd-Sourced list of #HalloweenReads to Use All Year Long

Sick of my suggestions and those by the authors who are working with me? I get it. We are librarians and we know that using only 1 source is never the best idea.

So today, I have a great, super-sized, crowd-sourced horror reading list for you.

I am loving the titles people are offering up with the #HalloweenReads hashtag on Twitter. [I have heard from many of my readers that they are not on Twitter, so this is a reminder that you do not need to be a registered user of Twitter to access this conversation. Simply click here and you will have a nice long list of suggested spooky and scary reads for you and your patrons.]

What I like about the suggestions that have been coming through in droves is that the titles are classic, backlist, and brand new-- a very nice mix.  The range of title is also from children to adult, and all levels of scary from simply atmospheric to straight out gore fests. That is because so many more people, from all reading tastes, are looking for #HalloweenReads right now.  You get the very best mix of options from this list, drawing from a very wide pool.

Other times of year, only us crazy, horror obsessed freaks are offering up scary book suggestions, but right now, everyone wants a piece of the creepy action.  As a result, October is the best time to make a reading list of horror titles that you can enjoy for the next twelve months.

Gather up a to-read list and then spread out the terrifying fun throughout the year. Or, even better, just save the link.  You can access the #HalloweenReads list anytime, anywhere. It stays on Twitter and won’t move from that url. Not only will you learn that horror is a great read anytime of year (for you and your patrons) but also, you will be so much more prepared next year when those horror craving patrons start attacking you at the service desk. [I jest, but it is like clock-work each year. 10/1 rolls around and they literally start to come out of the woodwork.]

Back tomorrow with a giveaway and the beginning of the home stretch on this blog-a-thon.

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