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Saturday, October 10, 2015

31 Days of Horror: Day 10: Horror Fans Sharing Their Love for Terror

Over the last 4 days I have featured authors sharing their favorite scary books and authors. They have written about their passion for these works, how these writings have made them feel the fear in a satisfying way.

Today, I wanted you to hear from some fans about their favorite books. And I chose the word “hear” on purpose.  Look, published authors know how to write very well, and, at the very least have gone through an editing process to make their words even stronger [I speak from experience here]. They can express themselves eloquently and powerfully about as complex an emotion as fear easily.

Regular horror fans, love their scary books just as much as the authors, but I have found they are better at expressing themselves in words though. You get a little more emotion by seeing and hearing people talk about the fear.

So today, here are some links to horror fans on You Tube sharing their favorite scary tales.

These will get you started.  Then look to the recommended videos that will appear in the right gutter and you could spend all day watching people talk about their favorite horror books.

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