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Monday, October 12, 2015

31 Days of Horror: Day 12-- Welcome a New Generation of Horror

Recently, I was contacted by Kya Aliana, a young horror writer who has collected the stories of other young writers (ages 7-18) into a new anthology.  This is no fly-by-night collection either.  She has the support of Jonathan Maberry.

Please read her guest post and see how you can help support these young authors by joining their social media campaign set to run on Halloween night.

Who knows, one of these young authors could be the next Stephen King.

Here is Kya telling us all about it herself.


Hello to all my Halloween Friends!

It’s that time of the year - that amazing time when the weather cools down, everybody is embracing the horror community, and there are more scary stories that you can possible read in a month! Thankfully, for most of us, we read them all year ‘round. For some of us, we write them all year ‘round. I’m here to bring to you the best of both worlds! My name is Kya Aliana, a twenty-year-old published author, and the founder of Aspirations Press, home of the Dreams Come True Anthology!

The Dreams Come True Anthology: Stories for the Campfire is full of stories written by children as young as 7 and up to 18-years-old. They are all new authors in the world of horror, suspense, and thrillers. You will find these pages filled with talented, aspirations, dreams, good stories, and non-stop adventures through the wild imaginations of today’s youth. This is a must-read anthology for kids and adults alike, and especially anyone and everyone who loves and is involved in the horror community.

Writing has been in my blood since a very young age, and I’m not the only one. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have an immense amount of support and encouragement from my amazing parents, family, friends, and the outstanding Watauga County Public Library in Boone, NC. It’s these positive reinforcements that I attribute to finding my passion and being extremely productive at such a young age. Unfortunately, I am sure you are just as aware as I am, not all kids get that kind of support. Many amazingly talented young writers just fall by the wayside, feeling they are not enough, with no one to turn to, and no one to support their efforts.

My goal is to positively support and inspire young authors ambitions by professionally editing, publishing, promoting their names and stories, and helping them get the recognition and the encouragement they deserve. Aspirations Press is a positive outlet for young authors and their stories. I look for potential, ambition, passion, and stories that kids love to write. I am proud to say that I’ve found these stories and authors with the very first submissions call! The anthology has 22 authors contributing stories and a special introduction by New York Times Bestselling author, Jonathan Mayberry.

In today’s world, it’s essential to reach out to our youth and demonstrate what is possible. We need to be an example of how the world can still be a playground. It’s important to offer them an intelligent world to which they can escape — a world called books! I hope you will join me on my mission to introduce them to fellow authors and readers who support and encourage them to be brave enough to write down their thoughts and stories. I honestly feel the Dreams Come True Anthology is vital contribution to the literary world. My hope is that others will follow a similar path and offer more outlets to our talented future generation!

By reading this anthology and helping to spread the word on social media, and to your friends and family, you are supporting these young writers as well as all the others who desire to be more than just texting teens. You are reinforcing in future generations that education is necessary and that there are rewards — being published, being a professional. You help show them that the act of love and commitment it takes to finish a story of novel is worth the effort. By reading this anthology, you help build a strong foundation for the novelists and storytellers of our future … the future of horror!
If you wish to support this cause there are a few different ways that would be extremely helpful.
< You can always pre-order the Kindle version here: It will automatically be delivered to your device on Halloween day!

(US Link)
(UK Link) 
(Canada Link)
It would also mean the world to me and all the young authors if you joined our Thunderclap campaign. It's FREE and easy! All you have to do is follow the link and sign up to share the anthology on your favorite social media outlets on Halloween night. The goal is to get just 100 supporters. You even set up the post now and it will automatically post on Halloween so you don't have to worry about it. After all, I know this is the busy season for all of us in the horror community: 

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! I hope you all have a great Halloween season!

— Kya Aliana

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