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Sunday, October 11, 2015

31 Days of Horror: Day 11-- Not Quite Horror for Your Lazy Sunday

Ahhh, a Sunday of a holiday weekend.  This is the least scary of days in October for me.  The travel soccer team isn’t playing, the Bears are away meaning I get to stay home [not that I mind spending my Sundays at Soldier Field, but still], and it’s going to be mid 70s and sunny, not to mention that we don’t have a Monday morning rush tomorrow due to the federal Columbus Day holiday.

This is not a scary day at all, which means, it is the perfect day to talk about that subset of horror I like to call, “Not Quite Horror.

Okay that may not be the most eloquent or creative name, but sometimes you just need to tell it like it is.

These are books that are creepy, atmospheric, produce anxiety, but do not aim for eliciting outright terror. They are widely popular all year long, but especially so this time of year.  These are scary tales for the masses.

Click here to access the 26 [now 27] posts I have tagged “Not Quite Horror” on this blog.

Last week on RA of All, I did a post on a great “not quite horror” title for book discussion groups, The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. This post also includes links to many more not quite horror titles with longer reviews by me.

And those of you who own my book, I have an entire chapter on this topic with a ton more reading suggestions in a wide range of genres and formats [audio and graphic novels too].

I hope you are enjoying a not so scary Sunday too. Back tomorrow with more guest posts by authors and librarians.

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